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        We walk the walk and do not simply talk about mortgages.
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        Manny Johar mortgage agent is dedicated to providing individuals with the means to obtain home equity loans and mortgages if they are unable to qualify through conventional means. If you have a bad credit score, have declared bankruptcy, or have no proof of income, but still want to receive a home equity loan then you have come to the right place. Manny Johar's private lenders in Mississauga and neighbouring cities are individuals who wants to invest in and make a better future for you. Trust Manny Johar’s private lenders Mississauga professionals to deliver financial aid in order for you to pay for large expenses such as medical bills, home renovations and upgrades, and much more. Manny Johar has developed strong relationships with over 300 private lenders in Mississauga and private institutions in order to deliver:

        • Bad credit mortgages
        • Debt consolidation
        • Bad credit loans
        • Home equity loans
        • And more!

        If you are in the cities of Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Brampton, Milton, Burlington, or surrounding areas, get in touch with Manny Johar mortgage agent to make an appointment today! Manny Johar's private lenders in Mississauga and neighbouring regions can be relied on to deliver the money you need for whatever adventure you want. Manny Johar’s goal is to provide for all those who are in need of debt consolidation, bad credit mortgages, bad credit loans, and other financial services with the help of our private lenders Mississauga group and our vast network of private lenders. No matter how big or small the home equity loan, Manny Johar's private lenders Mississauga group can provide what you need to achieve the financial freedom you want. If you are in some sort of financial hardship and require bad credit mortgages, debt consolidation, or any other financial services, please Manny Johar mortgage agent today!

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        Debt Consolidation

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        Hi, Manny, You did a superb job considering the challenges that we were facing, you met and exceeded our expectation, thank you very much

        Japheth N. and Gertrude K., Mississauga

        Hi Manny, You have been a miracle worker. My situation was extremely difficult but from the start you took care of everything and found a solution for me. I am in a much better situation now thanks to you. For anyone having any kind of difficulties with their mortgage, I would highly recommend coming to you. Thanks again.

        Hisham B., Mississauga

        "Man of his words" takes pride in giving excellent service, fast and transparent with everything. Needed a second mortgage Manny got it done in a week with, hassle free smooth process! Would definitely recommend Manny.

        Raj T. & Arichana Y., Mississauga

        Hi Manny, Mell and i just want to say thank you for your help in getting the funds we needed to pay out the debt. We also want to say thanks to the team that help make this happened. We are pleased to recomend you to our family and if needed. We look forward for future business dealings with you. Thanks again.

        Maureen & Melville H., Alliston

        A simple thank you is not enough to show our appreciation and gratitude for helping us to obtain our home. You were honest and upfront with us , always looking after our best interests. You do care about people and know how to help them. We will certainly refer you to friends and family. Thank you again.

        Kostas & Bessie P., Alliston

        Manny is very versed in the mortgage business, there not much that he cannot fix. “I was with a mortgage company that would not give me a renewal ,they had me evicted from my house ,Many had me back in my home in 24 hours ” Is that magic or a man who knows his businesses?

        Jennifer & Steve W., Pickering

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        Home equity loans or mortgages ONLY. We do NOT offer personal loans.

        No marketing solicitation allowed!

        Manny Johar, mortgage agent, Brokerage Lic# 12079

        Manny Johar is Ontario's mortgage SUPERSTAR!

        Manny Johar mortgage agent offers bad credit mortgages, debt consolidation, bad credit loans, home equity loans, and other financial aid services in and around Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Brampton, Milton, and Burlington. If you have declared bankruptcy, or have no proof of income, low-income, or a bad credit rating, you still have a good chance of being approved for the home equity loan you need from his private lenders Mississauga team. Manny Johar mortgage agent has built solid relationships with over 300 reliable private lenders in Mississauga and a huge network of private lending institutions in order to deliver the financial aid you deserve. Manny is able to deliver bad credit mortgages, debt consolidation and other financial services to almost anyone with the help of our private lenders in Mississauga and neighbouring cities.

        Our adress

        1880 O’Connor Drive,Suite #304
        Toronto, Ontario M4A 1W9

        Toll Free Fax

        1 (888) 810-4304
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